Dacio Caballero - Stunt Performer (BSR)  

Dacio Caballero was originally born in Gran Canaria, Spain. Where from a very early age he started to train extensively in gymnastics and various forms of martial arts. By the age 14 he decided that 'more than anything' he wanted to be a movie stuntman and began training and then subsequently worked on many different Spanish TV shows ... all whilst continuing his studies at school.

By the age of 20, Dacio started working in a theme park Terra Mítica Benidorm in Spain, which served as an incredibly valuable opportunity and experience to greatly improve his skills in handling various weapons whilst also perfecting the art of high-falls.

After his time at Terra Mítica Benidorm, Dacio went to Madrid to seriously start his career working in movies, successfully securing work on-set with fights, horses, air rams, jerk backs and much more.

In a very short time, Dacio was chosen to be the double for the two main actors of the 2 most important TV series of the moment in Spain Hispania, la leyenda and Tierra de Lobos.

This career opportunity really opened the doors to the movie-stunt-world and Dacio started working in most of the international movies that came to Spain and subsequently worked with actors like Jashon Statham, Tom Cruise, Gal GadogLiam Neeson, John Cusack, Elijah Wood & Édgar Ramírez ... 

In 2014 he played an action character fighting Sean Penn in "The Gunman", which was shot in London.

After successfully completing his role in The Gunman in 2014, Dacio officially moved to London and joined into the British Stunt Register, which gave him the opportunity to participate in many other great projects such as "King Arthur" (Guy Ritchie) where he was able to make sequences of action with Charlie Hunnam"Game of Thrones", in the seasons 6 and 7 where it has been performing all kind of stunts and also was the double for the character Dario Naharis; "Assassins Creed", where he was chosen to represent one of the Assassins handling the double sword.  Also he was performing in Star Wars: Rogue One, where he was Diego Luna's double in the reshoots.

Dacio has over ten years´ experience on set on such a great movies like:


Mision Impossible 6 (fighting Mr. Tom Cruise)

Han Solo, A Star Wars Story 

Wonder Woman 2 (Pedro Pascal double)

Terminator: Dark Fate (Diego Boneta double)

Justice League: Part 1

King Arthur Legend Of The Sword (fighting Charlie Hunnam & Djimon Hounsou)
American Assasin (fighting Dylan O´Brien)

Taken 3

Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them (1 & 2) 
Heroes Wanted (Miki Esparbé double)

Narcos (Jorge Jimenez double)

Taken 3

Commando 3 (Vidut Yammwal double)

Tiger Zinda Hai (fighting Mr. Salmon Khan)

To see his complete filmography : http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3511632/

Meanwhile Dacio is always continuing his training to be more and more skilled every singleday. 

"The Wild Side"