Dacio Caballero / Stunt Performer Actor
(+44) 07754 417119 - (+34) 666 794 996
UK / Spain

Born.:       9/02/1987
Height:     5,11 feet / 
180 cm
Weight:    12st        / 
78 kg
Shoe:       11 UK     / 46 EU
Pants:      32 UK     / 42 EU
T-shirt:     M     / 2 UK     / 40 EU 
Jacket:     M    / 38 UK   / 50 EU 
Chest:        39 inches    / 99 cm
Waist:        33 inches     / 85 cm
Inside leg:  33 inches     / 83 cm
Head:       22,8 inches    / 57,5 cm
Collar:      16,1 inches    / 41 cm
Bicep circumference:   13,6 inches  / 34,5 cm 
Thigh circumference:   22,4 inches  / 57 cm 


Movie: "Mission Impossible 6"
Movie "Terminator 6" (Diego Boneta double)
Movie: "Wonder Woman 2" (Pedro Pascal double)
Movie: "Han Solo, A Star Wars Story"
Movie:  "Star Wars: Rogue one" (Cassian Double)
Movie: "Assasin´s Creed" (As Assasin 3)
Movie: "Justice League: part one"
Movie: "Knights of the roundtable: King Arthur"
Movie: "American Assasin"
Movie: "Tiger Zinda Hai"
Movie: "Maula Jatt 2" (Fawad Khan double)
Movie: "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"
Movie:"Cuerpos de élite: Misión Palomares"
Movie: "Commando 3" (Vidyut Jammwal double)
TV Show: "Games of Thrones, Season 6" (Daario Naharis double)
TV Show: "Games of Thrones, Season 7
TV Show "The Rock"
TV Show: "The White Princess"
TV Show: "Still Star Crossed"
TV Show: "Beowulf"
TV Show: "The Bastard Executioner"
TV Show: "Jekyll & Hyde"
TV Show: "Narcos"
TV Show: "Ministerio del Tiempo"
Documental: "Egyptian Vice"
Commercial: "Game of War - Who I am"
Commercial: "Wix.com Big Game Ad with Jason Statham & Gal Gadot"
Movie: "Risen"
Movie: "Taken 3" / "Venganza 3" (with Liam Neeson)
Movie: “The Gunman" (Action role with Sean Penn)
Movie: “Open Windows”
Movie: “Grand Piano” (stunt rigger) 
Movie: “Libertador: Simón Bolivar” 
Movie: "The ignorance of Blood"
Movie: “Scorpion in Love
Movie: “Bruc, the Manhunt
Movie: “The Outlaw" / "Lope de Vega”
Movie: “The Last Circus" / "Balada triste de trompeta
TV Show: "Sin Identidad"
TV Show: “Imperium” (Jesús Olmedo doble)
TV Show: “Tierra de Lobos” (Alex García doble: Season 1)
TV Show: “Hispania” (Roberto Enriquez doble: Seasons 1, 2 y 3)
TV Show: "El secreto del puente viejo"
TV Show: “Gran reserva
TV Show: "Gran hotel"
TV Show: “La república
TV Show: “2 de Mayo: La libertad de una nación
TV Show: “La Señora
TV Show: “UCO” (Unidad Central Operativa)
TV Show: “Cuéntame como pasó
TV Show: “SuperCharlie
TV movie: “Les Veus del Pamano” 
TV movie: “Marco
TV movie: “Juegos de Lucha
Videoclip: "England Lost" ,Mick Jagger, (Luke Evans double)
Commercial: "BMW i8 - Curiosity" (Main Actor)
Commercial: "Turkish Airlines Euroleague 2014"
Commercial: “Sky” (as musketeers)
Commercial: “Herbal Essence 2012” (with Nicolle Scharinger)
Commercial: “Coca Cola Eurocopa 2012
Commercial: “Spies Sunwings
Commercial: “Warriors of Eden” (Nintendo)
Commercial: “Wipe
Commercial: “Dgt tráfico Alcohol y Drogas 2012
Commercial: “Karaoke Ño
Live Shows: Terra Mítica (2007-2009)
Live Shows: Wallygator (France)
Live Shows: Trick Riding and weapons on horseback around UK

Link IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3511632/


Air Rams

High falls


All Weapons (Swords, Bo Staff...)

Horse Work

Horse Trick Riding 

Dive Master PADI


Firearms Handling

Car, Motorbike and Truck License

Diving and platform 10m

Wire work

Run over

Stair Falls

Fire Work

Jerk Backs

Rock Climbing

Parkour and Free Running

Graduated in Physical Activity and Sport